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About Us

Our Mission

To provide our clients with excellent, dependable and affordable home care solutions. We will deliver respectful services and support in the comfort of their home. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest quality client care and employee satisfaction.

Our Mission Statement

To enable seniors to live healthily and with dignity in their chosen place of residence.”

Our mission and vision will be achieved through the application of our core values, which include:

Comfort – keeping our client’s health, safety, quality of life and well-being are central in the design and delivery of services;
Affection- treating and interacting our clients with love, dignity, compassion and empathy;
Respect- showing respect for all cultures, religions, ethnicities; sexual orientation, ages, gender and disabilities;
Integrity- treating our clients with honesty and integrity while recognizing and maintaining confidentiality of client information;
Nurture- nurturing our clients for their optimum independence, security and privacy;
Generosity- provide our clients an selfless, good-hearted staff, who are generous with their care and compassion.

Our Vision

To deliver the highest degree of quality comprehensive patient and family centered care to all patients within the confines of available resources and services in order to attain and/or maintain the patient’s maximum level of independence and wellness in their homes.

Our Mission Statement

The agency will offer personal assistance services. This agency does not provide services that require a Registered Nurse,
Licensed Nurse tor the delegating authority of a Registered Nurse

Personal Assistant Services (PAS) – Routine ongoing care or services required by an individual in a residence or independent living environment that enable the individual to engage in the activities of daily living or to perform the physical functions required for independent living, including respite services, Personal care services are performed under circumstances that are defined as not constituting the practice of professional nursing

Personal Care
The provision of one or more of the following services required by an individual in a residence or independent living

  1. Self-administration of medications by: Reminding the client to take medications, and Opening container for the clients
  2. Transferring
  3. Personal grooming and dressing
  4. Eating and meal preparation
  5. Oral hygiene and denture care
  6. Toilering and toilet hygiene
  7. Bathing
  8. Taking and recording temperature and weights
  9. Administering emergency first aid
  10. Providing transportation

Caring Companionship

Caring Companionship, Bed/Wheel Chair Transfers

Bathing, Dressing & Grooming

Bathing, Dressing & Grooming, Incontinence Care, Pet Care

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Housekeeping, Meal Preparation

Light Housekeeping, Laundry & Linen, Meal Preparation, Medication Reminders, Running Errands

Alzheimer's & Dementia Care

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care